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3300lbs 177" Counterbalanced Electric Stacker lift Adj Forks CPD15W

by Xilin
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battery capacity 24V/280AH
Travel speed with/without load 24V/40A
Load capacity 3300lbs
lifting height 177inch
lifting height 1dfe Created with Sketch. 0.1inch
Original price $16,599.00 - Original price $16,599.00
Original price $16,599.00
$16,599.00 - $16,599.00
Current price $16,599.00

 Features & Advantages

  • Germany imported special steel mast.
  • Vertical driving wheel, driving efficiency, easy installation & maintenance.
  • High Storage battery ensures strong and long-lasting power.
  • AC frequency conversion traction motor: compact structure, good performance, regenerative braking and easy maintenance.
  • The braking system combines magnetic brake and regenerative break, greatly prolongs the using life of friction plate.
  • The adjustable regulator valve can adjust the lowing speed of the masts.


Features & Advantages

CounterBalance Design is ideal for Die Loading and Machine Feeding, Specially used in higher rack with heavy products

Comfortable Handle

Ergonomic handle features a throttle with an infinite adjustment of travel speeds, lifting controls, auto-reverse safety belly button switch and horn.

Instrument Panel

With emergency stop switch and electricity lock button, and Meter with BDI, ergonomic for operation .

Side-Way Battery

24V200Ah powerful lead-acid battery with over discharge protection. Side way battery for easy maintenance

Product Information

  • Product Overview
  • General Information
  • Dimension Drawing
Model No
Turning Radius
Max. lift height
Battery Voltage
Lifting speed(laden/unladen)
Travel Speed(laden/unladen)
Lowering speed(laden/unladen)
<17.7/<17.7 inch/s
Recommended Aisle Width 120.9inch
Truck Weight 4386lbs
Height, mast lowered[h1] 82inch
Height, mast extended[h4] 216.5inch
Overall width [b1] 39inch
Overall length 104.3inch
Width overall forks 8.7-26.7inch
Fork dimensions[s/e/l] 1.3/3.9/42inch
Fork height, lowered[h13] 0.1inch
Load centre distance[c] 19.7inch
Distance between forks(inside) 0.7-18.9inch
Charger 24V/40A built-out