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Xilin Industry Leads International Market

Xilin Industry Leads International Market

This is a grand "logistics feast" on an international scale, as well as a friendly gathering of old friends who have not seen each other for many years. Friends from countries in South America, North America, Europe, Central and South Asia, and the Caribbean islands have all come. You are also here... They are all talking in the exhibition hall of XILIN in Ningbo, China:

"China has Ningbo, and Ningbo has XILIN. The cafeteria dishes in XILIN are delicious. We still remember the Ninghai clams, white crabs, and small yellow fish till today..."

"This is a photo of me and Mr. Chu four years ago at the BMW exhibition. I still keep it on my phone till today..."

"Is Mr. Chu still here? I'm Robert who did business with you in 1992. As soon as I arrived, I came to XILIN exhibition hall to visit you..."

Old friends have deep affection, and new friends keep coming... This is the charm of an enterprise that has been accumulated for 38 years, and more importantly, it is the toughness of a brand that has been sustained for 38 years!

On March 20, 2023, local time in Chicago, USA, the largest manufacturing and supply chain exhibition in North America (ProMat) was grandly opened. XILIN in China is leading the international market with its strength in navigating overseas, and has made a strong comeback after the epidemic. For 38 years, XILIN has still been shining on the international stage, demonstrating China's hard-core strength in engineering machinery. This is XILIN's first participation in an exhibition after the epidemic opened up, but its booth is still lively and popular!

The classic red-black color scheme overlaps with dozens of XILIN brand forklifts displayed gorgeously, exuding a luxurious atmosphere of "XILIN products are all over the world, and XILIN is everywhere". It brings a strong visual impact.

As a leader in the domestic electric forklift field, XILIN forklift made a strong appearance in this exhibition with its star products, including the CPD three-point, balanced heavy-duty forklift series, CQDH series forklifts, OPS series picking trucks, and XILIN classic light-duty small transport trucks. The XILIN team demonstrated the company's main achievements and advanced technology in the high-end electric forklift field through on-site product demonstrations, product brochures, and practical teaching activities, providing momentum and energy for global manufacturing customers.

It is reported that the atmosphere of the booth on-site continued to heat up during the exhibition, and there was a steady stream of visiting customers, and the customers' praises were continuous. Large numbers of professional visitors and exhibition groups stopped to watch product demonstrations. Visitors enthusiastically asked various technical questions, and the features and advantages of the products were fully demonstrated in the detailed explanations and demonstrations by the staff, deepening the understanding of XILIN products by visiting customers and enterprises.

Currently, XILIN is making efforts in both domestic and foreign markets, and is advancing online and offline simultaneously. It not only has stores on Amazon and Alibaba International, but also has established its own corporate website and established overseas warehouses in Chicago, USA, greatly enhancing the timeliness of logistics.

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