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The Ideal Solution for Multiple Settings

The Ideal Solution for Multiple Settings

FBR Series Electric Forklift

In challenging conditions, you need a forklift that is both robust and dependable.

The FBR Series 4 - wheel Electric Forklift delivers top performance. An optional feature ensures reliable low-temperature operation for cold storage needs.

2024-06-18  Read: 4 mins

Effortlessly Handle Harsh Environments
The FBR Series features a fully enclosed motor with an IP54 rating to keep out dust and moisture. The enclosed controller protects key parts from rain and dust. Its large-angle stamped engine hood ensures the side panels durable, and perfect for harsh environments.

Energy Efficient and Durable
The FBR Series recovers up to 30% energy during braking, conserving power and extending battery life. Its transverse drive unit design reduces noise, boosts efficiency, and lowers the center of gravity, improving overall performance.

Superior Safety Features
The FBR Series prioritizes safety for the driver and cargo. The smart descent buffering feature slows the forks when they are 3.94-2.36 inches from the ground, protecting cargo and pallets. It has a burst-proof valve and CE-certified connectors to ensure safety.

Smart and Convenient
The smart LCD screen provides real-time information,
including fault codes and battery levels, making it easy for operators to monitor the vehicle. Dual motors and controls enable smooth, adjustable speed for efficient operation.

The FBR series is suitable for any environment. For specific needs, such as cold storage, we offer appropriate configurations. Discover more about this powerful, user-friendly forklift and see how it can enhance your productivity.


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