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CPD15W-II-118: Your Affordable, High-Performance Pallet Handling Solution

CPD15W-II-118: Your Affordable, High-Performance Pallet Handling Solution

Imagine a product that handles various pallet types like a regular forklift, boasts the design of a standard stacker, and comes at a relatively affordable price. Curious? Let's explore the Xilin CPD15W-II-118 counter-balanced stacker!

Powerful Features
Xilin’s Counter-Balanced Stacker CPD15W-II-118 is only 34.6 inches wide but can lift up to 118 inches and handle loads up to 3300 pounds. Powered by a 24V/125Ah battery, it ensures robust and long-lasting performance. It is ideal for narrow aisles in factories, businesses, logistics centers, and warehouses.

Flexible and Stable
Lightweight and flexible, this stacker utilizes a long-handle structure for precise steering and a three-point support system to distribute loads effectively. It operates upright for enhanced control, climbs slopes up to 5% and 10% with ease for full and empty loads, and includes a fork tilt system for effortless loading and stacking.

Easy Maintenance
The CPD15W-II-118 offers easy maintenance with its magnet suction battery cover and sealed, maintenance-free battery (no need to add electrolyte, and no additional maintenance required during its lifespan). The vertical driving wheel design ensures driving efficiency and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Aesthetic and durable
This stacker blends aesthetics with functionality, featuring a wide chassis and no front legs for unobstructed operation. Ideal for narrow aisles, it offers agile maneuverability and exceptional control.

Safety First
Safety is crucial in the CPD15W-II-118, featuring a low center of gravity design for stability and a chassis ground clearance of 35mm compliant with EU standards. It is equipped with safety features including explosion-proof valves, emergency stop switches, and an ergonomic multi-valve control lever.

Interested in the CPD15W-II-118 or need more information? Contact us now at to discuss how Xilin's counter-balanced stacker can meet your specific material handling needs.
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