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Xilin Fully Electric Double Decker Stacker 3300lbs Cap, max 220" lift, Fixed Legs with Initial Lift CDDK15S

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Features & Advantages

  • Ride on type electric stackers come with a foldable platform which allows operators greater access and flexibility.
  • Double pallet design: two pallet handled at one time, initial lift of load leg increases ground clearance to negotiate easily ramps, dock levelers and bridging plates.
  • Ac motor without carbon brush, good ramp braking performance, efficient electromagnetic parking brake.
  • Water- proof and dust-proof motor structure, keeps the braking and motor more durable and reliable.
  • With Electric Power Steering system (EPS) , makes truck steering very smoothly and light.
Please note: This stacker with fixed legs only suitable for block pallet.
Not applicable to Stringer Pallets.


Description Parameter
Capacity Q(lbs) 3300
Initial lift h5(inch) 4.7
Height, mast lowered h1(inch) 69.1/79.0/84.9/88.9/79.6/85.9/93.8
Free lift h3(inch) 51.2/61.0/66.9/70.9/61.8/68.5/76.4
Max. lift height h3(inch) 98/118/130/137//177/196/220
Overall length l1(inch) 81.0
Overall width b1(inch) 32.3
Fork dimensions s/e/l(inch) 2.3/7.1/42.0(45.3)
Width overall forks b5(inch) 22.4/27.3
Aisle for pallet 1000x1200crossways Ast(inch) 99.0
Aisle for pallet 800x1200lengthways Ast(inch) 98.4
Turning radius Wa(inch) 62.0
Travel speed, laden/unladen Km/h 7/7.1
Lifting speed, laden/unladen (inch/s) 4.3/6.3
Battery Voltage V/Ah 24/240
Truck weight(with battery) lbs 2660