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Xilin 118” Fully Electric Straddle Pallet Walkie Stacker 2200lbs Cap. Adj Forks CTD10R-E-118

by Xilin
Original price $5,799.00 - Original price $5,799.00
Original price $5,799.00
$5,799.00 - $5,799.00
Current price $5,799.00

Features & Advantages

Features & Advantages

High quality Full-electric stakcer, Safety Compact Ergonomic design, provides a cost effective solution, which is widely used in warehouse and super market.

Instrument Panel

Emergency stop Key Switch Hour Meter

Built-in Charger

Easy to access to power supply

Multifunctional Handle

Integrated control. Tiller head with comfortable design

Adjustable Legs

Compact design for confined spaces, narrow aisle accessible


GEL Battery, no need to add liquid

Product Information

  • Product Overview
  • General Information
  • Dimension Drawing
Model No
2200 lbs
Turning Radius
58.6 inch
Max. lift height
118 inch
Battery Voltage
Lifting Speed
0.09/0.14 m/s
Travel Speed
4.5/5 Km/h
Truck Weight
1268 lbs
Capacity 2200 lbs
Fork height, lowered[h13] 3.1 inch
Height, mast lowered[h1] 84.4 inch
Height, mast extended[h4] 141.7 inch
Overall width [b1] 44-60 inch
Fork dimensions[s/e/l] 1.3/3.9/42 inch
Travel speed 4.5/5.0 Km/h
Load centre distance[c] 23.6 inch
Battery Voltage 24/105 V/Ah
Truck weight 1268 lbs

Fully Powerd Straddle Stacker

SKU Load Capacity Max. lift height Mast Extended Height Mast Lowered Height Battery Voltage Price Each
CTD10RE-19-98 2200lbs
74.6inch 24V/105AH $5499
CTD10RE-19-118 2200lbs 118inch 141.7inch 84.4inch 24V/105AH $5799
CTD12RE-19-98 2640lbs 98inch 122inch 74.6inch 24V/105AH $5699
CTD12RE-19-118 2640lbs 118inch 141.7inch 84.4inch
24V/105AH $5999
CTD15RE-98 3300lbs 98inch 122inch 74.6inch 24V/125AH $6999
CTD15RE-118 3300lbs 118inch 141.7inch 84.4inch
24V/125AH $7299
CDD15RE-98 3300lbs 98inch 120.5inch 72.4inch
24V/125AH $5999
CDD15RE-118 3300lbs 118inch 140.1inch 82.2inch
24V/125AH $6199